A letter from a Rygon contractor

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Posted on Oct 29, 2014

Rygon recently received a wonderful email from one of our very happy contractors, who offered to put his thoughts and feelings about working for us in Riyadh into a brief case study, as below. Seeing our staff enjoying their jobs and new countries motivates us to provide an even higher level of service. 

If you are interested in working with Rygon, then please check the job section of this website or contact our team directly. 

"Prior to working with Rygon I heard some mixed reviews about working as a contractor. Before making any decisions on my future I contacted a Rygon account manager on the advice of a number of friends who had worked with them. I need not have worried, as my future was in great hands.

One of the great points of working for Rygon is the care and attention paid to making sure that staff are all fully informed as to any in-country legal requirements. Rygon manage the process for me, making sure I know when I need to submit documents and helping me to do so. Working in KSA is not always straightforward, and documentation for Iqama renewals, exit visas and other government forms can be very complicated. Having the ongoing support of a caring employer is really reassuring, and we are even advised on public health warnings and any precautions. 

Salary is another area where the support is really helpful, and Rygon assist me with timesheet processing, reminders and prompt payment. This might sound simple but working in a leading telecommunications company, with many engineers, it is clear that not everyone enjoys the relationship and benefits I do with Rygon. 

Having a dedicated account manager available 24 hours a day really helps also, even with finding out information on where to eat and buy groceries!

Thanks, Rygon! I look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward."

Mohsen Fetouh, Engineer.