Could I be a contract worker?

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Posted on Apr 09, 2014

At Rygon we help hundreds of contractors find new roles each year. Our experienced team is able to guide you through the process, immigration requirements and what will happen towards the end of a contract.

Deciding to become a contractor is a big decision, especially for those that have always worked as part of an organisation. It is not for everyone, but can provide you with some fantastic career opportunities. 

As with any big life decision, it is wise to make a list of some of the positive and negative factors. Below are a few common ones to get you started.

Some positives of contract work:

Increased earnings - one of the main reasons people take contract roles is to boost their earning over permanently employed counterparts.

Greater variety and interest - most contractors list variety as the number one benefit of contracting. You choose your assignments and clients, so you can choose only to work on projects that interest you and for clients you wish to be involved with.

Travel - many international firms need to bring in resources from more developed marketplaces, meaning taking contract roles can be a good way to travel the world whilst being paid.

Opportunities for future development - whilst contract work can be short-term, it’s common for contracts to be repeatedly extended and regional roles and prospects offered if you impress.

However, the main drawback to contract work that you may need to keep finding your next role. You can minimize any unpaid downtime by:

- Keeping your skills up to date, so that you are able to find another role as required.

- Keeping a log of the project work you have completed on each assignment and getting references for the work.

- Showing a keenness to keep in work rather than working short-term contracts and then taking time off.

You should also sign up to Rygon's job alerts on this website. This can make a big difference in helping you plan ahead and secure your next assignment.

If you are interested in a change of career please contact one our experienced team who will be happy to talk you throughyour own personal situation and the many exciting opportunities we have here at Rygon.